Escape Achievement Pressure

Escape Achievement Pressure

“The greatest benefit to your life will not be your accomplishments, but rather what happens inside you while you’re moving toward your goal.”

Fitness, Nutrition, supplementation are a big part of many of our lives, and there are numerous benefits that come from healthy living.  Work ethic, mental focus/toughness, dealing with ups & downs, perseverance, following directions and discipline are just some of the traits that can be developed.

Unfortunately, many people get sucked into the high-pressure part of it called

The Achievement

The Achievement is essentially an endless cycle of attempting to achieve the “next big thing” instead of focusing on the process.  While the desire to constantly improve is an excellent trait for everyone to have, the Achievement that I’m going to talk about is different.

An appropriate desire to improve is what gets us out of bed each morning, its why we focus, accept coaching and work hard.  It’s a focus on the process, knowing that results will be seen with hard work.

The Achievement I’m talking about however.  It crosses a line when you start to feel as though what you are doing is never enough.  You can no longer enjoy your journey or focus on the process because you feel like you have to always win, lost 5 more lbs, ran another mile, not ate that piece of cake now your diet is ruined. You start to feel like you need to prove your worth through your achievements.  You begin to lose your identity and judge yourself strictly on your performance.

It seems in the world now days there is a steady rise in getting sucked into this way of thinking.  This leads to anxiety, burnout, altered self-worth and a constant state of pressure to do more and more.

We need to recognize when we see ourselves getting sucked in, so we can pull ourselves out.

Here are a few things that can help avoid this trap.


Be honest with yourself.

Am I stuck in this machine? Have I conformed unknowingly?


What really matters the most to me?

Do I care most about the achievements and accomplishments? OR do I care more about who I am becoming along the way? Are the habits I develop and lessons I learn more important than winning/losing?


Start recognizing and rewarding based on your values. If “hard work and effort” is a value, recognize and reward those behaviors.

If “overcoming fear and failure by not giving up and trying again” is a value of yours, recognize it and reward yourself when you do it.

What will happen If I do not pull myself out:

* Feeling like your never enough

* Always needing more

* Loss of motivation at some point

* Roller coaster confidence – feeling good about myself WHEN I am achieving, feeling bad about myself when I am not

* Burnout.

* Continual decrease in joy and passion for what you’re doing.

Proper supplementation, nutrition, and fitness is so important for optimum health, but so is enjoying the journey. If you would like a list of the 5 things I say every day to keep me from falling into the achievement trap let me know and I will send them to you, If you’d like to know the supplements that I personally take private message me on Facebook and I would be happy to share

Until next time, Stay strong! Serve others! Be happy! Win at life!

Your Health & Fitness Coach,

Coach Curtis

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